The Idaho STEM Ecosystem (EcosySTEM) is developing a robust partner directory platform that will facilitate networking and collaboration within our STEM community. Through this password-protected directory, EcosySTEM partners can easily access information about fellow members, seamlessly share resources, prevent duplication of efforts, and promote collective growth. This platform serves as a dynamic hub where individuals and organizations can connect based on common interests or objectives, facilitate partnerships, collaborate on projects, and more.


This innovative platform will serve as a centralized source of EcosySTEM events, news, and funding opportunities so partners can easily stay informed and engaged. The platform will streamline information dissemination, allowing EcosySTEM partners to engage in meaningful collaborations, access valuable resources, and ultimately contribute to the advancement of the Idaho EcosySTEM community.


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Click here for the Idaho Educational Regions map if you are unsure which region you are in.


(Please note that any person using the directory for any other reasons (e.g. marketing) will be removed from the directory and will be banned from its use.)

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